Friday, October 10, 2008

When you cheat, it's never your fault

Remember how I talked about the “marriage counselor” on Oprah who said guys cheat because of emotional reasons? I guess we found one of his patients.

Lame ass nigga. Do you hear how sissy he sounds? “She didn’t appreciate the money I was bringing to the table” Huh? This is Christine Brinkley. Unless you bring billions to the table, why would she appreciate it? The $3000 a month in porn is really inexcusable. Porn is about as free as the air we breathe. What the hell was he watchin for $3000 a month? That musta been some new shit. Which makes me think, because the wealthy always have access to some dumb exclusive shit. Maybe Peter was watchin other celebrity couples have sex…maybe he’s already seen the Obama sex tape.

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