Friday, October 17, 2008

Dirty broad

It appears that the reason David Duchovny has filed for separation (which is the non legal term for divorce) from Téa Leoni is because SHE’s been havin an affair with Billy Bob Thorton. HAHAHAHA. How you gonna be a sex addict and then get mad at your wife for cheatin on you? Nah, I feel him tho. Billy Bob? Tea is very attractive. She could prolly pull a higher caliber than Billy Bob. Not too high, she ain’t no Sarah Palin, but I wouldn’t kick her outta bed. Maybe her pussy stinks, that’s why other celebrities won’t fuck with her and Billy looks like he’ll go into a florist shop just to fuck some pussy willows. The thing with celebrities is we don’t really know what goes on in their lives outside of what people like me report. Maybe David isn’t a sex addict; he just doesn’t like going down on Tea stank crotch. You never know, unless you were David’s friend. And even then, how many husbands tell their friends that their wife’s pussy stinks? Makes you wonder about your neighbor.

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