Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Proud to be Republican

Speakin of Republicans. Well watch this first:

And then this:

Sick. That’s all the Repugnanticans have been doing is using fear and hate to muster votes. Callin up these cow tippin buffoons and spreadin lies. Yesterday I got a call sayin that “Obama wants to eat your babies for dinner with bin Laden.” See, I knew they were lyin cuz I don’t even have babies (but my boy Keith better hide his newborn). Could you imagine being a Dem in one of those types of areas? It would be like livin in Afghanistan. One wrong comment and DEATH is at your door.

Win, lose, or draw this is the best election ever in modern times. For one it showed white people somethin us colored folks knew for a while: RACISM IS STILL ALIVE. Racism has a better heart than Dick Cheney and is most certainly gonna outlive McCain. Also this presidential race has inspired most black people that slowly but surely we will be respected and held as equals in this country.

And I really hope Obama wins for all the obvious reasons and also because it will set a precedent on campaign tactics. Future candidates will know that you don’t have to divide people in order to win. You don’t have to use fear and hate to get people to rally with you. McCain wants to talk about Obama’s association with terrorists when he associated with the biggest one in this country.

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