Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bad

Then, there was this comment: “If you want to make more money - get an education and you will. Why should the people who studied hard in school, drove themselves to succeed and then work 12 hour days to make the money they want so that they can enjoy the luxuries they earned have to start subsidising someone else who: chose to get married and start a family before they could affort to, had a kid or two before they were married, quit school to work so they could buy a car, or whatever BS they did. Sorry - I haven't seen one situation where welfare caused someone to work harder. Neither will socialism.” Not only was it outta context (we talkin but taxes here dummy), but it annoys me when people blame the government for the actions of people. Welfare wasn’t established to create stay at home moms; it was created to TEMPORARILY help people who didn’t have the means of financially supporting themselves. But of course, it was exploited and abused by the people it was designed to help. That’s human nature, to find a shortcut. To make life easier. To “beat the system.” The brain is designed to figure out the easiest way to preform tasks. Hell, that’s how I graduated college. I would still be an undergrad if I didn’t learn some tricks to help me ease through and graduate on time. Everyone always complains when the government tries to help out the less fortunate, but nobody ever cares when the wealth exploits the poor. “They worked hard for their money.” Yeah fuckin right. Nobody is out there complaining for the Wal-Mart employees who are ON welfare because the company pays them as little as possible but yet the Waltons are the richest, correction, wealthiest people in America. McCain said, Obama wants to take Joe the Plumbers money and spread it out to everyone but he wants Joe to spread his money as he sees fit. Well what happens when Joe becomes Scrooge and decides not to? ANNNND. When you do spread your wealth around, the government gives it back to you. That’s why ALL donations are tax write offs. That’s how the wealthy keep the government off their back. That’s why wealthy people aren’t really complaining about payin more taxes; they already know how to get it back.

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