Friday, October 17, 2008

The Ugly

Side thought: The government is supposed to address the needs of the people it represents correct? So if we put all the people that make $250K+ in one state and everyone under that in another state, which state would have the most electoral votes?

I always make this point and society always proves me right; if you don’t take care of the struggling class, you’re askin for trouble. Desperate people do desperate things when they feel there is no help coming their way. *cough*Katrina*cough*. It’s a KNOWN fact that some homeless people commit crimes just to end up in jail, because in jail they have shelter, food, and clothing. Things they won’t get out in the streets. Is it fucked up and ridiculous? Hell yes!!! Ya’ll worried bout Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber. What about Joe the Bum? A bum was arrested in New York for killing a college student. When questioned on why he killed the student, he said he did it for fun. Nice.


  1. I never understood why there are bums in the North, they ain't got shit to do so they should just start walking south, its much warmer.

    Hell when I get rich, I'm gonna start handing out compasses to bums.

  2. Because it's easier to warm up than to cool down. On cold days, you can stack layers upon layers upon layers of clothing and garbage (lol)to warm up. On hot days, even if you butt ass naked, you still gonna be hot, lol.

  3. hence the reason I still live in NY. haha well said.