Thursday, October 23, 2008

Madonna divorce gets ugly

It looks like Madonna and Guy’s divorce is gonna be a messy one. What is with the Brits and public ugly divorces? They have children for cryin out loud. That can read tabloids and surf the internet and have friends whose parents gossip around them and they bring that shit to school. It’s soooo stupid. So selfish. That’s why I oppose celebrities having kids (unless they have them with me). They are way too egotistical to think about another being’s life. I really oppose when they adopt. Tryin to make the world a better place my ass (except Jolie, that lady is a saint so you watch your mouth when you talk about her.) I hate when they kidnap African babies from the orphanage and parade them in front of the media. That’s why I fuck with Guy in this battle. He never wanted that gorilla baby in the house and I don’t blame him. They (actually just Madonna) needed to fix themselves before tryin to help others. I wish the old hag would go away.

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