Friday, October 17, 2008

Real social reform

I was at a Q-Tip listening party 2 nights ago in Hollywood, and I noticed two things. One, white people can’t even bop they head to the music properly and two; people in LA aren’t really fashionable. Now both of these thoughts aren’t revelations, or new to the Rant, but I just wanna share my thoughts because this is my post and if you don’t like it, get the fuck out! Lol. They say white people dance to the lyrics rather than the beat, that’s why they always fuckin up (do you know hard it is for them to do the “motorcycle” to It's Going Down?). But I think the problem is that they do hear the beat, but that’s where it stops. They hear the beat, but they don’t feel it. They don’t fuse with the rhythm, so when the brain tries to coordinate a movement to go with the beat it looks all choppy and out of place. Seriously, these people couldn’t properly bop their head to the music. No feet movement, or hand gestures. Just a simple head nod. And some were in there lookin like they were gettin beat up by an invisible Lennox Lewis.

The people in LA aren’t fashion forward. They do what they see others doing. You know there are people that own flannel shirts out here? A flannel shirt in LA is like shorts in Alaska. There MIGHT be some days you can get away with it, but seriously you know you only bought it because you seen it on TV or in a magazine. The worst offender was a man that was clearly in his 40s rockin a glittery Ecko Unlimited t-shirt. No, not a Marco Ecko Cut & Sew. An Ecko shirt with a glittery rhino. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Ecko, I’ve been support them since 1972. I’ll prolly rock some Ecko to my funeral. But it will be a suit from the Cut & Sew collection. Not a fuckin t-shirt. At 40, the only glitter on your chest should come from the iced out chain you rockin or from the makeup of the 19 year old you’re fucking.

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