Monday, October 20, 2008

From make ups to break ups

So People Magazine says that Madonna’s marriage was over before they filed for divorce. DUH. That they hit a rough patch when Madonna kidnapped that boy from Africa. DUH. And that Guy never really embraced Kabbalah. DUH. Moral of the story? When tabloids report that something is going wrong, they are usually right. I've seen this comin for like 4 years now.

David Duchvony’s tennis coach has sparked rumors of their affair. When recently asked about it, she didn’t really deny it and even IMPLIED that somethin was going on. What a trifling hoe. Don’t she know that this could hurt his wallets during the divorce trial? Thin wallets mean no tennis lessons. No tennis lessons means…well you see where I’m going with this.

In (temporarily) happy news, Nelly Furtado has come clean about her marriage over the summer to a sound engineer. Um, good for her? I would like to believe that they will be together forever, but I think the Yankees have a better shot of makin it to the World Series this week than Nelly does stayin married forever lol.

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