Friday, October 10, 2008

Erase your mistakes 15 years later!

Leave it to a state like Nebraska to allow you to drop your kids off at a hospital if you don’t want them anymore, regardless of the age. Huh? I’m not really for giving up kids for adoption to begin with but if you gonna do it, do it before they know what your face looks like. That way when they become rich and famous, you can always come from the shadows and make up a story on why you had to give them up. It’s kinda hard to apologize to your child you gave when they were 13…”Uh, hey son. It’s me, your father. Remember when we gave you up 15 years ago? Well it was really a prank for 15 year old birthday celebration that went bad. See, I was suppose to pretend to give you up for adoption and then your mother was gonna pick you up at the end of the day. But you know your mother, so forgetful. Speaking of forget, why don’t we put this behind us and let us move into your multimillion dollar home with you? Whatdaya say son?” Lol.

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