Friday, October 10, 2008

Who died today?

I’d like to report that the economic crisis did not kill anyone today!!! Hooray!! (Except the fat man that was already on death row). I would like to also applaud the Illinois sheriff that is refusing to evict people from their homes because the mortgage owner didn’t pay the bill. I wonder if any provisions like that were included in the BOB, prolly not. The bill was passed and the market crashed. Wow. Some real dick heads around there. You know what’s even funnier? Remember how Buffett was all for the quick passing of the bill? And I said it was because he wanted to see his portfolios do better? How could I be sooooooo fucking (not fuckin, fuckING) blind? He probably knew the market would crash and was hoping for a good sale. I have securities that used to cost up to like $3 a share, now they are $.75. That hurts. Hurts like a muthafucka. But you know what? I know the shares aren’t going down because they are a bad company; it’s goin down because the market sucks. When it bounces back to $3, I’m gonna triple my return. Wowzers. And that’s even with my blue chips too. Retirement in 10 years never seemed so close.

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