Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reasons to vote for McCain

Speakin of black Republicans, there is much talk (not really from me, fuck that house nigger lmao, sorry) about the black guy that was at the town hall meeting telling McCain to get more vicious on Obama. I guess he’s been catchin a lot of shit for it (no, really?). I don’t care that he is a black person voting Republican, that is most certainly fine with me. I just have issues with him being Republican during these times. Bad reason to be a Republican #1: The past 8 years have been shit. Bad reason #2: The new guy is 72 years old. Do you know who else is 72? John Madden. John Madden is considering retiring from football because, well, he’s just getting old. One 72 feels he’s too old to just say the same dumb shit over and over and the other 72 year old doesn’t lmao. No, but Madden hasn’t been a POW. Madden hasn’t fought cancer 4 times. But yet he wants to take it easy, while we have “that guy” who wants to run the country? Bad reason #3: Sarah Palin. Do you really want to chance it and have HER be President? Come on, be serious now. Really? Have you drank a jug of the Red Kool Aid? Sarah? Hockey mom? Pitbull with lipstick? Say it ain’t so Joe? Bad reason #4: Campaign methods. I’m just waitin for McCain to say, “don’t vote for that nigger, vote for me” because that’s how badly he’s been talkin bout Obama. Not talkin bout issues, just attackin his character. I think the campaign manager(s) are throwin this game on purpose. Everyone knows that going negative only hurts you. It fucked over Hilary (that and her cockiness, and Bill…which ironically is the first time he’s fucked her in years). But yet the McCain camp keeps pushin it. And now it has started to bubble over to the point people are demanding blood at the last debate. If McCain could actually go toe-to-toe with Obama, don’t you think he woulda did it by now? He doesn’t have the high school debate team managing his campaign (or maybe he does). Either way, McCain doesn’t want to step in a ring with Obama and for good reason.

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