Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meth head twins

You know who has a hard life? Hugh Hefner. After he breaks up with his three girlfriends last week (yea, it wasn’t just Holly that dipped), he picks up twins. Twin convicts that is. It appears the girls were arrested for jumpin a girl and giving her a concussion. Hef must be chillin with Flavor Flav too much, cuz now he pickin up hood rats. This is never a good look after a break up. When you go down the social ladder to make yourself feel good, it comes off as desperate. What gives Hef? You have tons of girls to choose from, most who don’t even live in the house and you choose these two? I have a feelin someone in HR didn’t do a thorough background check. I like how the one on the left has the 3 cuts in her eyebrows (tryin to wild out, lol), but she flips it and has the cuts horizontal!!! Hood bitch right there. To see what the girls are really workin with, click here->NSFW (not safe for work)

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