Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tryin to make the friendly skies friendly again

Yesterday the air safety summit took place in Washington D.C. After the Buffalo crash this past February, officials want to change standards and procedures to ensure that it won’t ever happen again. They are hoping that this will increase trust in the airlines and get people back in the air again. If they wanna increase air travel then they should LOWER THE FUCKIN PRICES! Or they could STOP CHARGING US FOR EVERY SINGLE THING! It’s like every airline now charges for the first luggage…like a muthafucka is gonna take a weeklong trip without any clothes. I think there is an airline that charges for snacks…fucked up. Like most airlines offer meals for a price and snacks for free but I think there is one that charges for the snacks too. The airline industry needs to reinvent itself. That’s the only way they’ll stay in business. I don’t know if it’s because I fly cheap, but can a muthafucka get a cute flight attendant? Scratch that, can I get a HOT flight attendant? When there is a cute flight attendant on the plane, she’s either A) workin first class or B) married. What ever happened with Hooters Air? They should come back and just fly to major cities (NYC, LA, MIA). Another thing airlines should do is create a family free zone or a family friendly zone. I don’t care what they call it but there should be a section of the airplane that I can sit in and not have to worry about the piercing loud screams of a tot whose parents are too incompetent to quiet down. Or not have to deal with little feet kickin the back of my seat for 5 hours straight. Southwest is my favorite cheap airline. It does suck that people can sit anywhere because I like reserving my seat. It also sucks they don’t have any entertainment (that I know of). But they don’t charge you for your first bag. They give you food. It’s just like in the commercials. They’re great.

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