Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iraq will soon belong to the Iraqis

This is gonna be somethin to pay attention to. I kinda feel the turnout of Iraq will really cement whether the Bush administration was incompetent or extremely ballsy. Personally, I’m glad that we are finally turnin over the country back to its government and military. It’s way past due to bring our troops home. They need some real R&R. Only thing is, our government doesn’t really have a shiny track record when it comes to handling vets. I think everyone is expectin the insurgents to try some bullshit as soon as the U.S. army leaves so I think the Iraqi army has to bring HELL to anyone that even looks at them funny. If they can establish dominance and take out insurgents guns-a-blazin then there is hope. The key is for the Iraqi army is to not feel like they are killin their brothers or one of their own. If they can take a good vs. evil approach, they will claim victory for sure. And I guess the Bush administration will be looked at as incompetent heroes. By the way Iraq, where is our oil?

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