Monday, June 22, 2009

Cops need their food faster

We’ve all been at a fast food drive thru and kinda felt the service was too slow to be fast food. Most of us usually just sit and gripe because we don’t want them to spit in our food. Others actually throw a fit but it’s not like it speeds up the food…it just ensures that the special sauce is extra special. But two cops in Denver took it to the next step. The cop driving flashed his badge and brandished his gun at a McDonald’s employee. Ridiculous. I don’t know if cops are gettin stupider or because I “report” the news now but I don’t recall cops doin so many absurd things. You know what’s gonna happen next…Federal Police. And them boys will have no jurisdiction. I know they already got the FBI but what if the government took over local police as well? I can’t really think of any plus. All their actions will be backed by the U.S. government…so good luck winning a lawsuit or being alive to make it to trial. Anyways, somethin needs to be done on a state level with the law enforcement. It’s like they’ve dropped the law and it’s just enforcement.

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