Wednesday, June 17, 2009

John's are the clients of working girls

You’re not a star in the Republican party until you’ve had an affair. Well I guess that’s why Nevada’s Sen. John (are all white politicians named John?) Ensign has thrown his name in the hat. It appears that he had an affair from December 2007 through August 2008 with a woman who worked in his office. And he was friends with her husband…lol. “Hey there, I plan on running for President in the future. Can I borrow you wife for about 6 months? You’ll be compensated properly.” Politicians. Anyways, his wife forgives him (don’t they usually?) and all is right again with the GOP. Does GOP stand for “getting other pussy”? If so, that is a party I can align myself with. Sick of my wife’s naggin and saggy breasts. I wish I could fuck every girl in the world!

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