Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gov. Sanford will soon have more time for steamy emails

Ain’t this some bullshit. It appears that some Republicans are callin for the resignation of Gov. Sanford in light of his affair with a Latttttttttttina. I don’t understand why. I mean they tryin to say that the drama that will come from this affair will distract him from his duties. What drama? His wife already claimed she knew about it and they are workin out their issues. Since when did gettin extra pussy fuck up someone’s job performance? Hell, he’ll prolly do a better job now that he doesn’t have to hide his transgressions. I wish I got some extra pussy everyday…I would write the best blog posts known to man. I mean, I’m already the Michael Phelps of this bloggin shit and that’s without additional puntang. More sex for me is like steroids to Alex Rodriguez…keep it comin (pun intended). No, I’m pretty sure the Republicans have a different agenda for wanting Sanford removed. Who need enemies when you have friends like those?

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