Wednesday, June 24, 2009

50 Cent - I'll Do Anything

I’m not a 50 fan…kinda. I’ve grown to like him again after the Rick Ross fiasco. But anyways here is a new video he dropped.

Now one thing I’ve noticed is the incredible amount of Gucci the Unit has on (doesn’t “the Unit” just sound gay?). I remember when like 5-6 years ago Gucci was the shit. Then Louie, Prada, Coco, Burberry, Lacoste, etc. kinda took Gucci’s shine. Then I recall in ’07 Fabolous mentionin it in his raps and voila – Gucci is back on the map again. And after lookin at those outfits you can’t tell me that Gucci don’t be caterin to the African American population. Ain’t no white person gonna rock Gucci like that. They might have the scarf but they won’t rock the jacket and the fitted hat like that. I didn’t notice but they prolly had some Gucci shoes on. White girls might rock Gucci shoes…white men? Never. Yet, the chance of Gucci thankin or directly embracing the hip-hop culture is slim to none. I remember way back when, Timberland tried to distance itself from the hip-hop culture by releasing some statement that got them negative press. Till this day, I have yet to see a rapper get an endorsement deal by Tims (if there are any, please let me know cause I don’t watch that much TV as is). The company that bottles Cristal (the champagne) went the same route and denounced any connection between them and hip-hop. Jay-Z started a nationwide boycott of the beverage and of course sales slipped. It just goes to show that the white man has no problem takin from blacks but will be damned if he breaks bread with them. It’s alright tho. Give the blacks about another decade…then you’ll see who makes the superior products and which businesses will flourish. Because I think the only reason blacks don’t buy from blacks is because of the lack of quality. Hmmm, maybe it’s time for a black owned car company. Or maybe not…I don’t want family sedans to come out the factory on 26” rims as a standard.

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