Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Healthcare + capitilist market = death

Health care for all has been a hot topic forever in the U.S. People with coverage, don’t think it’s fair for them (through taxation) to pay for coverage for those who don’t. And does without coverage think it’s their right as an American citizen to have it. Personally I think an unhealthy American costs us way more than we realize. It takes a toll on their life, their work, and their families to say the least. It also doesn’t help that the insurers view people as dollar signs (gotta love capitalism right?) instead of people they service. Across the country people are gettin screwed over by their health insurance companies because whenever it’s time for them to provide coverage for a big surgery, the insurance company finds any excuse to drop them. It’s kinda sick (no pun intended) that a company will take you money on a monthly basis with the promise to look after you, but when it’s time to deliver they’d rather see you die. I was readin an article that told the stories of patients who had their coverage rescinded at the last fuckin minute. Like days before surgery and some while in the middle of treatment. So how do we go about protectin the people? I would suggest Federal regulation but then my favorite commentator will fall out of his chair. But what is the other solution? A Federal healthcare system? Well he’ll still fall out of his chair because he’ll faint at the thought of increased taxes to fund it. So then NO health care! Well that’s not the point of my story…these people had healthcare. They paid for it like they were supposed to. The problem is because they didn’t disclose things they had no knowledge about, their insurers dropped them. If insurance companies are so concerned about pre-existing medical conditions, why don’t they have their customers undergo a physical by a physician hired by their company? That way they can reject people on the spot instead of 2,3,4,5 years down the road when the patients really need them.


  1. Dude, read the health care chapter in Ron Paul's book, basically it says...

    Health Insurance isn't really insurance right now. If we open up health providers to the free market then doctors will charge a fair market price (not $3000 for a fucking X-ray), this way health INSURANCE is used like car/home/boat insurance and is only used to cover unforseen events like emergency surgery (car accidents)

    Now since your health INSURANCE isn't being used to pay for healthy check ups (oil changes), it doesn't cost thousands per year.

    Ancillary benefits include your employer not being forced to pay health insurance premiums for you now, so you receive that as take home pay so you can go out and buy a plasma to stimulate the economy.

  2. you're title should read

    Capitalism + Government Intervention = Death

  3. but there has been no government intervention in healthcare

  4. There has been a ton in the form of regulation.