Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iranians in America are milking it

This annoys me. Ok, you protested on Monday. You’re outraged. I get it. It’s muthafuckin Wednesday (the video is from yesterday) so TAKE YOUR BITCH ASS BACK TO WORK! You ain’t in Iran. Your protest ain’t gonna do shit! It’s just gonna cost someone money. Maybe you’re employer because you’re using “sick days” instead of workin on the project. Maybe it costs me because my taxes are used to protect you against anyone comin up and shovin a sign up your ass. All I know is that you are wastin time and money standin out on the streets of LA wantin your vote to be counted. Who’s gonna count it for you? I ain’t. President Ahmedinejad isn’t. If he’s filtering media coverage comin out of Iran, what makes you think he’s not filtering in media coverage going IN??? If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I’d drive by spray these guys with my super soaker. GET BACK TO FUCKIN WORK AND GET OFF THE STREETS! You wanna do somethin? Chalk it up as a loss and be better prepared for the next election. It’s what we Democrats did for 8 years.

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