Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Donte Stallworth is lucky he's not important

Ok, someone explain this to me. A man gets drunk. Drives his car. Kills a man. Gets 30 days in jail. 2 years house arrest. Loses his license for life. BUT CAN STILL PLAY FOOTBALL IN THE NFL? But a man kills a couple stupid fuckin dogs and spends a year+ in jail with his career damn near in the crapper? How does a man commit two crimes (driving drunk and manslaughter) and get 30 days in jail? Don’t worry, the race card is stayin in the pocket since Donte Stallworth is African American (the card is still available for use though). But where the fuck is the justice? Where is the outrage from the community? You know why Mike Vick got such a harsh sentence? Because he’s more famous the courts wanted to send a message. That’s all. No justice. Nobody cares for the dogs. America just wanted to let the black man know that regardless of how rich or famous you are, you’re still black and America can make your life a living hell.


  1. vick got in so much trouble cause he was on some inter state gambling shit so the feds got involved ... he really didnt get punished for the dog shit

    i heard stallworth was driving well and it was actually the pedestrians fault he got hit ... stallworth just happened to be over the legal limit

  2. Stallworth also was the one who called 911, and took responsibility from the start.