Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheaters are starting to win

It appears that cheating has OFFICIALLY gone cyberspace. There is this website called that caters specifically to folks lookin to have an extramarital affair. I seriously need to get married today, because the longer I wait the more accepted cheating will be and if my wife cheats on me…death. Seriously, I have to have custom vows because if we do the “till death do us part” one, that’s the only way the marriage will end. My new vows will be “till death do us part or one of us cheats, whichever comes first.” I understand people cheat, I’ve messed with cheaters, I’ve even rationalized in my head why I would cheat but to have a website that promotes cheating? That’s just another chip in the U.S. block of morality. This is basically another step towards a change in social attitudes. Before cheating was wrong, now cheating is done but frowned upon, next it will be assumed that you will cheat to keep a healthy marriage. It’s not a good look whatsoever. What’s even funnier (sad and ironic as well) is the creator of the site said that "Humans aren't meant to be monogamous," but when they asked him how he’d feel if his wife cheated he said he would be “devastated.” It totally bullshit line to say that human beings aren’t meant to be monogamous. Human beings aren’t meant to walk on the moon either, but we’ve seemed to accomplish that. It just takes great will power and an even greater mental capacity to overcome “natural urges.” No, the ONLY SOLE reason I could ever see someone justify cheatin is if they’ve exhausted all resources to fix the marriage. A divorce is never pretty and never cheap. It’s a helluva lot easier and cheaper to live together and cheat. That I can understand. But to say you love someone but still step out on them or if you’ve never went to counseling for your marriage, then that is being irresponsible...which we know is a recurring theme among Americans.

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