Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tax dollars pay for this...

If I said it once, I’ll say it again: white people just don’t get it. Sherri Goforth, executive assistant for Sen. Diane Black (Tennessee) sent an email containing the picture of the Presidents of the United States seen below.

Maybe Sherri isn’t racist. Maybe she just tasteless. She for sure is an idiot for sending it THROUGH HER WORK EMAIL TO OTHERS WORK EMAILS! I could see how someone could get a chuckle outta this…but they can’t be Republican. But yet time and time again, Republicans make these ‘color’ jokes like they gained a right to do so. Anyways, the thing that actually did piss me off was Sherri’s excuse. She claims that she sent it to the ‘wrong list’ of people. THAT statement right there indicates more racism than the picture. I understand we all have a circle of friends where we share inside jokes. I mean, if I shared half my jokes with you guys, you’d prolly stop readin. Anyways, some people think she should be fired. I think that’s too far. It’s not like she’s burning crosses (that we know of). But to send an email like that in a government position? Maybe she should be moved to a different department.

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