Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris Brown accepts plea deal

Kudos to Chris Brown acceptin responsibility. I know people out there (the people outside of the industry) want to see Chris burn at a stake. But take this into consideration: Rihanna never pressed charges…hell, she wasn’t even the one that called 911 – a resident in an apartment that heard her cries did. When everyone close to Chris and Ri were asked for comments, they all said a mistake was made, respect their privacy, and not one person condemned Chris. Even Rihanna’s father didn’t spas out on the boy. So either everyone is ULTRA FORGIVING or there is more to the story than what was reported. Either way, his sentencing seems to be on par with what’s expected from a celebrity…no jail time. And I kinda realized why. Jail is supposed to be a rehabilitation center, a place to help criminals reflect on their actions. It’s also a place to help keep people safe by removin the threat from society. Chris Brown isn’t really a threat to anyone. He’s been apologetic from the jump and there is a restraining order of 50 yards so that they could still attend the Super Bowl (just kiddin). After the sentencing on August 5th, Chris will issue a statement and all this nonsense will be behind us. I still think Rihanna should speak out against the abuse tho…it just seems like the grown woman thing to do.

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