Thursday, June 18, 2009

14 year old wins texting competition

It’s just a couple years before this is an Olympic sport. Seriously, textin? We reward textin? Now the video said she had to text full phrases with correct punctuation and grammar. If that’s true, then I can applaud this event (in a very very small sense). But if she was typin in SMS shorthand (i.e. txt, u, lol, smh) then shame on LG for rewardin the dumbin down of our nation. It’s wasn’t bad enough that school kids littered their ESSAYS with that garbage, now grown folks are SPEAKING in the shorthand (yes, I’ve had someone say to me ‘LOL’ and they were serious…I looked at them like ‘you can’t be serious.’ And they looked at me back like ‘yes I am.’ I then looked at them like ‘We can’t be friends anymore’ and then they looked at me like ‘O-M-G.’).

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