Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maury Povich might be cancelled

This has to be the craziest product to hit the market.

A home paternity test? Wow. Sometimes I look over at the Fundamentalists of the East and say “I can see why you don’t want any Western influences.” This has to be a low point for our society knowning that there is actually a need and demand for this. I seriously thought that the morning after pill (aka Plan B) was the low of our sexually hungry society but this really just blows my mind. I guess people like me don’t help…always postin pics of boobs and hot women. Still, I would expect some restraint and responsibility from individuals. And I guess that’s what really bothers me about those two products (test and pill). The fact that it removes responsibility from the equation annoys me. Our society is already one where they try to find a reason to blame everything but the individual. “The kid is hyper active because he has ADHD.” “The serial killer was molested as a kid.” “The market collapsed because of foreclosures.” It’s just so wack to me. People need to stand up and take responsibility for their lives and stop lookin for the next exit.


  1. I don't understand how the DNA test is not taking responsibility? The pill I get what you're saying. But what is wrong with ensuring that you are the father of a child you have doubts about, or proving to a deadbeat dad that the kid is in fact his. I think this does the exact opposite and forces people to take responsibility

  2. because how many people are you havin unprotected sex with that you don't know who the father is?

  3. Yeah if you looking at it that way I agree, but what about all the dudes out there that deny their children? I'm thinking of this as being used as a "I told you so, now cut the check" type of tool. Or a "I don't believe you, so prove it" thing.