Thursday, June 25, 2009

Changed the game

Jackson best album to date is Thriller. The album is the best sellin album in THE WORLD. Yes, a black man has the best sellin album in the world. An album so great, that many in the music industry credit it for SAVING and RESTORING the music industry and molding it into what it is today. MTV wasn’t playin pop records or even black records, but Michael Jackson’s Thriller changed all that. Even the videos he made for his singles were revolutionary. Now instead of just havin blah visual paired with audio, Jackson was tellin STORIES with his music videos. Of course the most popular song off the album is Thriller…but I think I’m goin to serve you another one of my favorites:

Every time this song comes on, I still do the dance. I still do the whole knife fight routine. This is embedded in my head forever.

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