Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad Friday

What a terrible Friday. The worst Good Friday ever. Yesterday actress Farah Fawcett died from anal cancer. She had been battling this cancer for years and it finally claimed her at age 62.

It was a shock because even though we knew it was comin…it just wasn’t expected. Then her death was eclipsed. Yesterday afternoon a great icon passed away. Michael Jackson, yes the King of Pop, died of cardiac arrest yesterday afternoon at age 50. I’m still in shock about it. I grew up with Michael. That was the music that I danced to. His videos were the reason I enjoy dancing so much. And now he’s gone. It’s completely surreal to think that MJ would die before I had kids. Totally trippy. So today I plan on just honoring the man. Some people have their reservations about him and his negative past…and I’m not tryin to act like it never happened or downplay it, but the man isn’t even in his fuckin grave and that’s all everyone wants to focus on. Dispicable...I had to remove friends from Facebook cuz it was makin me sick. Nobody wants to focus on the fact that he was a SUPERSTAR at age 10. What other young entertainer has had so much success at an early age and didn’t encounter a few bumps in the road? NOBODY. Michael Jackson was such a great humanitarian that it’s beyond stupid that people focus on the dark things in his life…things that he’s been acquitted for (due to lack of proof).


  1. a few bumps in the road? that nigga raped children! you get no love from me after that, i dont care if he invented oxygen

    and not guilty doent mean innocent. i know "he made thriller man ... thriller" ... but mj did that shit

  2. R. Kelly pissed on children - we have video of that.

    Jackson slept in the same bed as children, he admitted that. But who is to say there was inappropriate touching? The only fault MJ has is the fact he trusted people again after the first time. If someone accused me of somethin like that, I wouldn't even visit children's hospitals anymore...but that's why I'm a prick because I genuinely dislike the human race. Jackson on the other hand was more forgiving.

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