Tuesday, June 16, 2009

N. Korea is actin tough

Reports are comin in that N. Korea is makin progress with their nuclear program. Last month’s test resulted in an explosion of several kilotons which seems like enough to rain on anybody’s parade. News like that helps me to sleep better on the west coast. I think that’s why Obama has decided to soften America’s image. He is movin us away from the “meddle in everyone’s affairs because we are bigger and stronger than you” to the “America respects all governments even if we have different ideals” country. Some (see: GOP knuckleheads) think that this approach makes us more susceptible to attacks. I think if there are any groups that wanna cause us harm, they are gonna do it whether we come out beating our chests or talkin softly. The problem is information is too readily available. We can’t bluff like we used to. Everyone knows our financial woes. Everyone knows how we fucked up in Iraq. Of course there are things that they DON’T know but what they don’t know won’t stop them from attackin us. And what they don’t know won’t stop them from preparing themselves. I think that Obama’s approach helps because it brings everyone’s guard down. When former President White Devil was in office a lot of world leaders were on edge worried about which country would the U.S. invade next in the name of “fighting terror”. And if you’re being accused of harboring terrorist, you’re gonna do what you need to in order to protect your country (like testing missiles and nuclear weapons). Do I think we should allow Iran and N. Korea to have nuclear programs? Eh, I’m not in bed with the leaders and don’t know their true intentions. But I don’t think makin threats or using sanctions and embargos is the way to go. I’m more of a “speak softly and carry a big stick” diplomat. And the quote is a West African proverb. Them blackies are so smart!

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