Monday, June 22, 2009

Republicans think Obama needs to be President of the World

People like Bill Bennett are who ruined our country to begin with. NO WE SHOULDN’T BE IN IRAN MARCHING WITH THEM! NO WE SHOULDN’T BE SUPPLYING GUNS AND STAGING A COUP! This is somethin that the Iranians are gonna have to work out on their own. If we go in there and start protestin, then Ahmadinejad gets taken out, everyone will say it was the U.S. doing. If we sit back and let him get taken out, then democracy (if that’s what you wanna call it) won the battle. I like how some Republicans want the Supreme Leader to void the elections and have a new one. Where were ya‘ll at when Bush stole the 2000 elections? Everyone demanded a recount but nobody stepped up to do it. As long as there is power involved, there will always be corruption. The (new blood) Iranians are learnin that now and hopefully will figure out a way to combat it when the next elections occur.

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