Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cat killer has been caught

So they finally caught the bastard. What he did to those cats was pretty fucked up. Michael Myers type muthafucka right there! It’s totally ridiculous how people tried to say that Michael Vick was gonna become a sociopath (or is it psychopath) after killin his dogs…like killin fightin dogs was a gateway crime. Black people don’t go on murderous rampages for no reason. Either someone owes them money or someone is fuckin they honey dip. And even then, it’s just a severe ass whuppin. White people though? They mutilate animals…then they mutilate humans. It’s a fact. White people have that serial killer gene. That’s why I’m scared of white people. Because they do things that are so unpredictable. I don’t even dance around white people…I’m so afraid the flailing arms with knock me unconscious. You know what you gotta do to get a Mexican or a blackie to wanna shoot you. But a white person? They might have been followin you all day, and liked the color of your hair. Then they rape you and smash your head open with a rock. SMH. Why the hell are there more minorities in jail when white people do the more heinous crimes? White collar, blue collar, no collar, horse collar crimes. Ridiculous I tell ya. And I don’t think it’s a good look that his lawyer wasn’t even there. Max time he can face is like 158 years. He’ll get out in 10…then rape and mutilate someone 5 years later.

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