Thursday, June 25, 2009

N. Korea is actin up again

Oh N. Korea, what are we really gonna do with ya? The government issued a warning for people to stay out of the Sea of Japan from June 24th till July 9th because of military exercise. Of course they will be testin their short and mid-range missiles which may not be a threat to the U.S. but still…The U.S. is tryin to down play it which might be a bad sign because they hype up fake threats they can beat, but never talk about real threats. I mean they’ve sent defensive measures around Hawaii - an action taken by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and approved by the Pentagon. So if the world realizes that they can’t reason with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, what is the next step? Do we just blow them out the water? China won’t like that at all (neither would any country that views the Western culture as intrusive). So talks won’t work. War won’t work. The increased sanctions have only led to more aggressive behavior and I wouldn’t put past the Koreans to do everything except fire on a country. If I was the leader of the “free world”, I would just sit and wait. What else can you do? Sometimes a kid will test the parent by actin out, and sometimes you just gotta ignore them. But when they take that one fatal step, you beat the shit outta them!!! I’m talkin extension cords!!! And that’s what we shall do to N. Korea when they fire that missile that lands just right outside of the shores of Japan. So to Kim, keep playin like you know what you’re doin.

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