Monday, June 22, 2009

Survey of results for elections in Iran prove inconsistant

Looks like supporters of Mir Hossein Moussavi aren’t gonna stop till Iran burns to the ground…or they get killed. This is one thing you can count from the police – riot, regular, Iranian, American – if they tell you to do somethin (like turn around and leave, shut up, sit down, anythin) you better listen. Cops like to beat people up. They work so hard and deal with so much shit that they PRAY someone would get outta line so they can fuck em up. I need to sign up and become a cop and find out what kinda training they get that causes them to be so violent. I understand they have to look out for their safety and the safety of others, but damn they be goin too hard. Anyways, there might be hope for the Iranian protesters. An independent survey of the election results shows huge discrepancies in voting patterns. 4 main observations that were made are:

• In two conservative provinces, Mazandaran and Yazd, a turnout of more than 100 percent was recorded.
• At a provincial level, there is no correlation between the increased turnout and the swing to Ahmadinejad. This challenges the notion that his announced victory was due to the massive participation of a previously silent conservative majority.
• In a third of all provinces, the official results would require that Ahmadinejad had received not only all former conservative voters, all former centrist voters and all new voters but also up to 44 percent of former reformist voters -- despite a decade of conflict between these two groups.
• In the 2005 election, as in the elections of 2001 and 1997, conservative candidates -- and Ahmadinejad in particular -- were markedly unpopular in rural areas. That makes it "highly implausible" that the countryside swung substantially toward Ahmadinejad.

So the protestin might not have been vain. But who has the final say? If nothin changes, will the people riot till the next election? I wonder what America woulda done if Obama didn’t win. After the Bush-Gore debacle would Americans have rose up and against the government if McCain won in a landslide? I think we need a couple riots of our own…not because I think Obama is doin a bad job, but I could use a new flat screen.

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