Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chris Brown isn't over RiRi just yet

Someone explain this fuckery to me.

No, that’s not Rihanna. It’s Teyana Taylor. CB’s new friend. Here look at this right quick.

PURE FUCKERY! Fuck you Chris Brown. And fuck you Teyana. It’s cool if you’re a nobody and you look like a celebrity because then you can use it to get laid. But when you look like your friend’s ex-girlfriend (I’m pretty sure they are just friends, because she’s too ugly for CB to fuck with)…this isn’t even about physical looks but more style which makes this crime worse. Teyana prolly looks heinous without the glasses. But the hairstyle too? She really should kill herself. That’s so damn tacky. Rihanna should one up her by releasin that sex tape. What does that have to do with anythin? I don’t know…I just wanna see Rihanna gettin plowed.

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