Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rack em up

The best way to get back on the market after breakin up is always to come out lookin more ravishing than you did before; good job Holly.

Lisa Ann (porn star) is going to play Sarah Palin in Who’s Nailin Palin. Why didn’t we think of that? Damn it, that woulda been our entry right into the porn biz. Oh, for you readers that don’t know, my friends and I are tryin to start an adult film company. Will I star in any of the filmst? Most likely not. Will I nail all the girls that do? Most likely.

The wifey is lookin good on the set of 30 Rock. O snap, I just thought of a porn movie name: 30 Cock!!! Obviously it’s goin to be a gangbang based on the life of a TV show producer who fantasizes about her male actors. Am I good or what? Still the Michael Phelps of this blog shit and now porn shit. Back to my wife. Please don’t let the cameras fool you. She is only about 5’2”. 5’2” with breasts bigger than her head. It is a lovely combination.

O snap!!! I just thought of our reality porn site name! Short Chicks, Big Tits!!!!! YA’LL CAN’T FUCK WITH ME, I’M SO GENIUS! So guys, the lesson for today is, marry a woman that inspires you lol.

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