Thursday, October 16, 2008

Only 3 more weeks of this

Reasons not to vote Republican #5: John McCain and Sarah Palin are such HUGE mavericks, that they don’t even agree with each other!! HAHAHAHAHA, how pathetic. It’s one thing to have your own ideas when separate, but once you share a ticket, you become one. So whose ideals do you vote for if you’re a Republican? McCain’s or future president Palin? Ya’ll fucked. Reason #6: Old style mentality. I think the American people aren’t given enough credit for their openness to change and diversity. We aren’t as conservative as we pretend to be. I know most people aren’t open to gay marriages; but I feel like there are a lot of people, like me, who are indifferent to the situation. No I don’t have any gay friends, and I pray to GOD that my children don’t end up gay but I wouldn’t disown them. I wouldn’t say no to havin a gay friend. It’s like Eddie Murphy said, no problem with having a gay friend it’s just that ya’ll would do separate things. You would suggest grabbing drinks after a game of basketball, he would suggest grabbing cocks. Not a real problem, just not your cup of tea. McCain (and Obama in some cases) don’t represent that. They don’t act like they would be friends with a gay person. Palin has that token gay friend she always mentions lol. Another problem with the old style mentality is seen in the campaign styles. Before you could run a smear campaign and promote all kinds of lies and the people wouldn’t be the wiser. But with so many people wired up and the information right at our finger tips, it’s impossible to outright lie because we can look up everything. We can look up who voted in what favor on an issue. We can look up credentials. We can look up who said what 4 months ago. It’s all there.

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