Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Better than school

The Rant is good for you. You should visit it daily. It helps improve your vernacular. It makes you seem smart at the water cooler. Now you can go toe to toe against Ted, Mr. Know-It-All in the 3rd cubicle. White people, start talkin about rap music with your black co workers. Black people, start talkin about the economy with your white co workers. Mexicans, well all your co workers are Mexican so no help there lol. Just kiddin. Guys, if you wanna strike up a conversation with the cute 20 year old secretary, tell her how crazy it is that Aubrey got booted from Danity Kane. Ladies, if you wanna strike up a conversation with that 20-somethin up and coming male executive, bring up something about breast, cars, or money. That’ll get his attention quick fast! And as much as I would love for you to share the Rant with everyone you know, I also understand the great feelin of knowing somethin someone else doesn’t and being the source of their entertainment. Take my ideas as if it were your own, look smart, and get laid. That’s the American way!

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