Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Video promotes rape

Leave it to Japan to be on the next big thing lol. Alright, the game is NOT COOL. I mean, I plan on gettin it just to see how twisted it is, but I’ma twisted person. I would never suggest any child playing the game. I can’t even believe someone OK’d this. Then again, this comes from a country where they used to sell “used” girl’s (not women) underwear in vending machines. Those Japs are PERVS!!! I can’t believe that someone OK’d this…so unreal. Like wow. I’m just waitin for the other shoe to drop cuz you know the next game to come from this company is either gonna be “Cracka Killas” in which you get to Kamikaze into U.S. landmarks or “Noose-a-Nigga” and I don’t think I have to explain how that game works…Hmmm “Noose-a-Nigga” sounds like my next iPhone App!

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