Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Killing with a car is better than killing with a gun?

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with our justice system. Only in America can a man go to jail for vehicular homicide (“he had passed a car in a blind curve in 1994, killing a 79-year-old mother and her son”), get out and get a speedin ticket (“he received for driving 91 mph in a 65-mph zone”), and still have the capacity to kill 3 people: “Witnesses told the newspaper that several cars were waiting at a traffic light when Jason Skaggs, then 34, approached the intersection of Urbana and Moorefield roads. Skaggs crashed his blue Chevy Tahoe into a Buick Skylark at 98 mph (about 158 kph), went airborne and sandwiched Bian's Taurus between the Tahoe and a gold Chrysler.” Who is doin 100 into an intersection? Why does this man even have a car still? And he was sentenced for a maximum of 34 years in prison. Since when can you kill 5 people and not be put to death? This must be due to the state laws of bumpkin Ohio (I love you Ohio, but this is ridiculous). Was the muthafucka makin a music video? Filmin a movie? Who is doin a hundred in a Chevy Tahoe? I mean, it ain’t even like a Prius or somethin small and nimble (Mini woulda been a better example). This is a poor center of gravity, Iron Maiden barreling down the street by a person who has a TERRIBLE drivin record. It’s such a shame. And the reason this has been brought to light is because the mothers of the three students are Chinese (still livin in China) and have no money to repay their friends and creditors for the money they borrowed to send their children to school in America and for the funeral services. That really sucks. Because if they were American or had some kinda loot, they woulda got all the money they needed from the state of Ohio for this gross negligence. Sometimes I feel California is the same way, just hands out licenses in cereal boxes. These Koreans and Mexicans are gonna KILL me one day…no respect for the car, can’t figure out to go left or right, switches into your lane and slows down, ignore any rules of the roads, turning on red, skippin stop signs bastards. I need a helicopter!

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