Friday, February 27, 2009

John Mayer is lame

Ryan Seacrest is a sneaky dude…or Jen thinks she is the Queen B in Hollywood. Mayer (yea, Jen’s boo) called in to pretty much discuss his relationship with Jen on air with Ryan. I don’t want to get into the details because they weren’t juicy tidbits like “Jen loves when I tickle her with the feathers” or “she rocks these killer 9 inch heels”. It was more along the lines of a loser boy musician gushin over his girlfriend. Which is cool, if you’re a loser boy musician or if the woman you gush over is your wife. I guess Aniston and Seacrest have had the last laugh in the fight against Brange (I reaaaalllly didn’t wanna start callin them that, but it really is easier than just typin out both their names. Don’t hate me. Please?). However my money is still on the Hollywood power couple. They’ll prolly go to N. Korea tomorrow and get rid of Kim and liberate the entire country, then come back to the States and get rid of the deficit, all before Pax and Maddox get home from school. EAT THAT Maniston (is that what they’re called? I’m so new to this. Maniston, lmao, that’s funny).


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