Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rampage in Alabama

I’m not a fan of suicides because I can’t fathom what you could be going through that is SOOOOO horrible in your life that you would rather kill yourself than live through it. I mean, there are some cases like if you brought grave harm to someone else…then I would say kill yourself before they do. The worse suicides are the ones when they don’t leave notes. How the hell are we supposed to figure out what made you end it all? I mean if you really wanted to make someone feel bad, blame them in the note! Anyways, down in Alabama a man went on a Grand Theft Auto style rampage and killed his family members (mom and burned down her house, aunt, uncle, grandparents, the works) and some strangers on the street. If the watchdog groups wanted to blame video games for that, I couldn’t even be mad. He shot a trooper in a patrol car. Who does shit like that? That’s that video game shit. Walkin down the street just shootin people. Killed a mom and child, for no reason. Random. That shit is crazy. Then he killed himself. Like what the hell? He does deserve to kill himself but at least leave a note to let us know why you went off the deep end!

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