Thursday, March 12, 2009

The U.S. has decided that the education of Palestinians is more important than the education of American citizens. Or at least that’s what the commentators on the article would have you believe. Secretary of State, Hilli Clinton, has announced that in addition to the 900 million we send in aid to the Palestine, the United States will also throw in a million dollars in scholarships for Palestinian students seekin a higher education. At first it kinda bothered me, and if I wrote this post 6 hours ago my view woulda been more of the “how you gonna send non-Americans to school and not work on the students in America? What kinda bullshit is that?” Then I realized two things. We are already sending them $900 million. What is an extra $1 million? Like really, now we’re sending them $901 million dollars. I’m seriously not trippin off of that. Considerin how much we spent on supplying weapons to the Middle East, troops, and other backdoor shit nobody talks about, we can give an extra one milli to do somethin POSITIVE. I’d rather have them be educated and be allies down the road rather than get their schoolin from their Taliban uncles. Secondly, $1 million isn’t gonna help our education system here. The lottery gives millions of it’s earnings towards the education system and you see what great it’s done. The problem with our education system is that nobody values it! And why would they in a capitalist market? I don’t necessarily need an education to make the big bucks, just an entrepreneurial spirit and that you can’t learn in a classroom. Havin an education HELPS, but is not the end of all means in this country. Not when you have athletes makin 7-8 figures a year to catch a ball (with the use of steroids). Not when you have someone who brings their camera to spring break and then record girls takin their shirts off and then sell the videos to make millions. Not when you can be dirt poor, marry a rich guy, divorce him, and take half of HIS money. No. In America, an education comes second. Why do you think Oprah built a school in South Africa rather than her own backyard in Chicago? Because those girls WANT to learn. They don’t want to get knocked up by the top drug dealer and become his main bitch. So give the extra mill in scholarship money away, at least I know that my grandkids will be able to visit the country safely and communicate with the locals. Oh yeah, English is the official language of the world lol.

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