Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uncle Tenant wants YOU!

I wasn’t even gonna post today. I mean yesterday was a long day on little sleep. Went to see the Jesus Christ statue and Sugar Loaf Hill…then partied it up. Too much. I think I may retire from the blog game, because my life has never been so easier not blogging as hard. HAHAHAHAHA, then what will ya’ll do? Kill yourselves and I can’t have that. I love you all too much. But I really don’t know how much you love me. Ya’ll really need to start spreadin the word. The next time you write on someone’s wall on Facebook just copy and paste: Help me out. I’m growin as a site, but only a few of ya’ll is really helpin. I need a street team to go EVERYWHERE and put my link down. Even when you comment on other blogs and it asks for your website, just put in mine. Wow, long intro. Holla!!! And there’s a lizard in our condo…and I’m drunk so excuse the errors.

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