Monday, March 2, 2009

Mayor fired over watermelon joke

I gotta admit that is pretty funny. Not funny as in the joke was funny. But the level of ignorance AND creativity of some people. I woulda never thought of a “watermelon hunt” joke for Easter in a million years. But leave it to the racist folks to conjure up a new way to backslap African Americans. White people are truly losin their minds this year. I’m all about a race war as long as it means I get a new plasma TV out the deal. I’ve always wanted to just smash up cars for no reason. Kinda ironic, 2 weeks ago “cartoonist” draws up a cartoon of two cops killin a monkey and last week two cops kill a black man in Pasadena. Why doesn’t this “cartoonist” draw up a picture of black people gettin reparations?

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