Monday, March 2, 2009

Cops kill black man in Pasadena

Just when you thought it was safe to be Black, a man was shot dead by the Pasadena police. Reports have differed between the police and what actually happened (what else is new?). At first the cops say they were fired upon by Leroy Barnes after pullin him and his girlfriend over durin a “routine traffic stop” which is cop talk for “harassing black people.” Then they switched their story once it was discovered that the pistol Barnes had wasn’t fired at all. Then there are some witnesses sayin that the cops kept shootin him even after he laid dead (or dyin) on the ground. I’m all about bein thorough, you gonna start somethin then finish it! I wouldn’t want no half dead zombie nigga comin after me. I’d shoot him till I saw the gravel underneath him. I’d like to assume that the color of these pigs is white, but like we saw last week sometimes these black cops are even worse. RIP to Barnes and I hope the family sues the shit outta Pasadena. I hate cops. Not all of them. Just all of them minus the one or two that haven’t harassed me…yet.

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