Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couple fight man with gun

Some people may see this video and say “That couple was lucky not to get shot.” I look at this video and say “that criminal is one of the dumbest muthafuckas I’d done seen. No surprise he’s black.” Seriously tho, why the hell would you come over to the other side with a big ass shotgun? If you gonna rob someone at point blank range, don’t whip out a shotty, cuz then you end up too close to the person. What if he had to fire a shot? Blood all on his shit. If you gonna use a shotgun, stand at a damn distance. If you gonna run up on someone, bring a handgun (pistol…and the closer you get, the lower the caliber, the smaller the splatter (that’s some CSI for that ass)). Ugh, I hope the cops catch him and throw him into jail, because he’s too stupid to be out on the streets robbin people. Oh shit…here’s a disclaimer: I am not givin you advice on robbing people nor do I advocate robbing people during a recession. I’m just sayin IF I were gonna rob someone, that’s how I’d do it…damn my blog gonna get shut down faster than OJ’s book.

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