Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smart Dummies

I really need to create another segment…call it “Smart Dummies”, and because I wrote this before I wrote the title for the post, I decided to create “Smart Dummies” (blogging on the fly! Greatest blogger alive). So some scientist have gotten together and ran some tests and did some discovering and have came to the conclusion that watching television doesn’t make babies smarter. My parents must have been scientist because they’ve been tellin me not to watch so much TV since I was a baby. Who knew back then they were onto somethin? The braniacs at the Children’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard’s Medical School did a study with 800 babies just to figure out this dumb shit. Instead of findin cures for illnesses that strike children at an early age (autism anyone?) they waste tax payer money on this dumb shit. And you know what they suggested instead? Activities like reading, singing, interacting and stacking blocks to help children. OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM IS FAILING!!!

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