Friday, March 6, 2009

Jack Cafferty has Jungle Fever baby!

Jack Cafferty needs to cool it down for a bit. In his article he talks about how Michelle Obama walks, and her poise and her smile and her….arms? Take a cold shower Jack, but I can’t fault you. You’ve never seen a real black woman outside of BET and Condi Rice. I guess I should say ‘real’ just yet, considerin most black women DON’T have their shit together like Michelle. They don’t, most black men don’t have their shit together either. No, Michelle is what a real black woman is supposed to be. I can only hope that she influences the black women (and men, stop lookin for them bitches that only care about the shine you have on rather than to see you shine!) to become more and to reach that level that is laid out for them. It ain’t only about ass shakin, tho I’m PREEEEEETY sure Michelle knows what to do when Uncle Luke comes on lol. Alright, enough social consciousness; enough Common, time for some Ying Yang Twins!

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