Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BMW heiress blackmailed

Today’s theme must be “the flaws in humans” because this is ridiculous. Why are people so greedy? Why didn’t Helg Sgarbi just take the money he was makin as a gigolo and run with it? I mean the lady has cake, so I’m assumin he was a high priced hooker. If you gonna blackmail her (which is always extremely stupid), why ask for so much? Here is the problem with blackmail…it’s a federal offense and you can’t get any sympathy for it. You are payin the fine and goin to jail. Is it really worth goin to jail? Never. Just get the money you got and move to your next hustle. Somethin people outside of the hood never understand. You gotta diversify and/or switch up the game plan so that you never get caught when the market goes bad. I don’t even know if I’m makin sense. I really hope so and I really hope to make it to the end of today’s post. Damn Remy Martin.

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