Thursday, October 22, 2009

Would you stop a kidnapper?

I’m not gonna lie…I prolly wouldn’t do shit if it was an adult being kidnapped and a little apprehensive for a kid (I would save the kid though, I feel kids always have to be protected). But I don’t know why this video surprises anyone. This callus ass world – nobody gives a fuck about anyone else. That’s why you always gotta look out for yourself first. Once you’re happy, then you can try spreadin that happiness to others.


  1. Funny... the minorities save the day...

    But to be fair of the first few cases, it seemed like it was her dad and she was just a bad ass.

  2. nah man, she clearly said "YOU'RE NOT MY DADDY!!"

    lmao, imagine if your kid said that to you? I'd be so hurt, i'd file for divorce even if i was 100% sure she was my child.

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